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I'm a multidisciplinary creative, working on film and graphic illustration.
I offer services of creative and film direction.
Some of the brands I have worked include LOEWE, Bershka, Mango, Lonely Planet, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Zurich University of the Arts, Centro Dramático Nacional and others. 



What do my clients say about us?

Lope Serrano - Co-Founder & Director at CANADA:
Ferran is a versatile and resolutive bold visual artist. My experience with him during the shooting of the music promo 'The Less I Know the Better' for the Australian band Tame Impala was great: communication was easy and his response was way abroad my expectations. He designed both the patterns and logotypes respecting the brief and adding strength and visual cohesion to the project. He is also a professional committed to work processes. He always delivers on deadlines and is generous in his effort.

Kristina Juodenas - Art Director at Lonely Planet Magazine USA:
I'm super happy with how the ilIustrations turned out, and so is everyone else! I wanted to share some feedback from the editors.  This from the Managing Editor here at our US edition -  "really digging those illustrations!", and this from the Deputy Editor at our UK edition - "Those illos are wild - in a good way!"

Clim - Creative & Art Director at iamclim:
I directed a project with him and he also collaborated with me on other projects and it has been always a pleasure.
His "Let's do it!" attitude and multi-skilled profile makes him the perfect man. Very hard worker, enthusiast for making things happen, passionate and eager to improve and learn.
When he is not directing he is also really good on taking directions and makes sure the results are what they are supposed to be.
Always smiley, good sense of humour, humble and honest.
Working with Ferran doesn't bring anything but joy.


2002 BFA, Design by EINA Design School, Barcelona, Spain

2022 Toxic Lover, 1.4 Film Festival, London, UK
2022 Toxic Lover, ASVOFF Film Festival, Paris, France
2022 Toxic Lover, Shanghai Indie Film Festival, Shanghai, China
2022 Toxic Lover, VAEFF Film festival, New York, USA
2017 Vuerich, MUSE Awards, London, UK
2006 Retrovisión, Pocket Film festival, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

2018 TeleDisco, l’Alternativa de Cinema, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain
2014 TeleDisco, ArtedeMossa, Valldemossa, Spain
2014 TeleDisco, OFFF Festival, Barcelona, Spain
2013 Teledisco, Tramuntana Rocks, Esporles, Spain
2012 TeleDisco, Barcelona Visual Sound, Barcelona, Spain
2009 TeleDisco, TILT Festival, Perpignan, France

2013 Untitled, Día Internacional de la Pintura, Boca Nord, Barcelona, Spain
2006 Skate&Create, DrapArt, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain
2004 Have a Shower, CamelArte, Barcelona, Spain
Images of this project were also exposed at:
Gallery Carmen de la Guerra, Madrid, Spain
Warehouse Club, Tokyo, Japan

Facebook event 2Facebook event 2

2022 Toxic Lover, Shanghai Indie Film Festival, Shanghai, China
2018 985 Days, Platinum MUSE Award, London, UK
2017 Vuerich, Gold MUSE Award, London, UK
2009 Bailando, Ideaslab Modacalzado, Madrid, Spain
2006 Retrovisión, Festival Función Video, Barcelona, Spain
2004 HardWear, Recrea’t Festival, Barcelona, Spain
2004 Have a Shower, CamelArte, Barcelona, Spain
2002 Via, SIGNES Festival, Barcelona, Spain

Teaching Experience
2023 Instructor, Film & Art Direction, Motion, Design & Video Course, IED Instituto Europeo di Design
2018 Instructor, Introduction to Art Direction for Video, EINA Design School
2017 Masterclass, Social Media Strategy, COMPLOT School.
2014 Masterclass, Online Video Strategy for International Digital Marketing, ESCI-UPF
2013 Masterclass, Online Video Strategy for International Digital Marketing, ESCI-UPF

Cheerleader patter outfitCheerleader patter outfit

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