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Surf & Fat | Direction

Direction of "3rd floor" a music video for Barcelona's garage girls band Surf and Fat.
This is a special project made with almost no budget and loads of love, full of little camera tricks, some split screen surprises, stop-motion and long exposure photography.

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Ferran Capo

Assistant Director:
Gemma Sellarès

Direction of Photography:
Pablo de Pastors

Art Direction:
Glendis López

Paula Ayet

Make up:
Cristina Canes

Pol Subirà

Art Assistants:
Lorena Angenault, Mariel Sallaberry & Regina San Martino

Still Photo:
Michell Rivas

Special thanks:
Promociones Urbanas 3000, Malditos Produce, Adriana Eskenazi, Cristina Quer, Alvaro Ucha, Anna Albiach, Emili Mas, Carol Ortega