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Directors and Designers Ferran Capo and Clim paired up to create this surrealist short film to promote Vuerich’s sunglasses.

Under the concept “Light is the Enemy” we have explored visual and ambient ways to represent the build up of tension between our protagonist, the eye and our antagonist, the light. The art direction is based on a graphic Memphis design style mixed with a Dadaism influence. Playing with the abstract, impossible and bizarre to intrigue and amuse our viewers, Vuerich is a film inspired by a surrealists view of a world filled with irrational and at times humorous, juxtapositions.

Awards: Gold Muse Award 2017, London, UK.



Directed by:
Ferran Capo

Produced by: O
Postproduction by: Hornet Inc.

Live Action Producer: Fiona Vidal-Quadras
Postproduction Producer: Cathy Kwan
Director of Photography: Marc Miró
VFX: Ted Wiggin
Sound Design: Flow Audio
Art Department: Pau Arregui, Baptiste Vuerch, Gianni Vuerich
Camera Assistant: Manu Ruiz
Still Photographer: Daniel Pujalte
PA/Runner: Adam Grunfeld
Grade Barcelona