Comissioned by Xavier Bas Disseny studio to illustrate the Zinfandel page for this Artconvert paper catalogue.

manter_live_to_create_01_2 copymanter_live_to_create_01_2 copy

A night of Music and Drinks is the catchy subtitle that gives its name to the new collection of self-adhesive papers: Manter Ispira: a self-adhesive paper created to seduce.

The studio Xavier Bas has done an excellent job recreating a jazzy atmosphere loaded with style in this beautiful visual book. A small jewel destined to become the most precious object desired by designers and printers eager for new creative designs. An essential tool for the development of the brand design of products that require a delicate, sophisticated and exclusive label.

The beautiful Manter Ispira collection includes a series of unique labels inspired by some of the covers of the best jazz recordings in history. Geometric and typographic elements mixed with illustrations, flat colours, textures…. key aspects that defined a graphic style associated with the character and personality of the best Jazz of the twentieth century. A very powerful graphic line imbued with the huge doses of skill and sensibility of its designer, Xavier Bas.